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The National Archives is responsible for preserving our nation's documentary Heritage.



Our Vision Statement:


The National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago (NATT) will provide services that build, maintain, and allow access to Trinidad and Tobago's records to sustain a free, open, and democratic society and to support the cultural and intellectual life of all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. We will relentlessly pursue excellence in all our endeavours.



Our Mission is three-fold:

  1. To identify, acquire and make accessible private and public records of enduring value and national significance to Trinidad and Tobago,
  2. To establish standards for the management and protection of public records throughout their lifecycle, and
  3. To serve as the permanent repository of records of government and ministerial institutions and other agencies.


To fulfill this mission the National Archives is committed to:

  • The acquisition and preservation of records of enduring administrative, legal, cultural and intrinsic value to Trinidad and Tobago.
  • The provision of access to these records, and
  • The development of policies and procedures for the management and care of all public records throughout their lifecycle.





Archivist's Welcome

Welcome to the National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago (NATT), the treasure-house of our country's heritage.



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