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Shamshu Deen- Genealogy in Trinidad and Tobago


Shamshu Deen

Born in Preysal, Mr. Deen has contributed significantly to the area of genealogical research mainly in the East Indian Diaspora. Through his book, Solving East Indian Roots in Trinidad 1994) he undertook the task of answering the question, Where did we come from? According to Simon Lee (Freelance journalist, U.K.),"Deen's work provides the basis not only for others to trace their ancestry but also for sociological and cultural studies at the grassroots level." His studies at the University of the West Indies (B.A. History and Economics) and Manitoba (M.Ed. Special Education) helped to hone his research techniques. This as well as his ability to harvest the memories from the most reclusive minds make him the ideal expert on genealogy in Trinidad. In the article Genealogy in Trinidad and Tobago , he shares some of his experiences in the field.



Walton Look Lai- Chinese in Trinidad and Tobago


Walton Look LaiWalton Look Lai is a former lecturer in the Department of History, University of the West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad. He has done extensive work on Chinese as well as East Indian migration to the West Indies. These are dealt with extensively in his two major works:


  • Indentured Labour, Caribbean Sugar: Chinese and Indian Migrants to the British West Indies  , 1838-1918 (1993)
  • The Chinese in the West Indies  , 1806-1995: A Documentary History,(1999)

View excerpts from these books for information on:


Helena Leonce-Shared Memory: Trinidad and Tobago ’s East Indian Immigration Records


Helena LeonceThis paper was first presented at the 15th International Congress on Archives in 2004 in Vienna.  Six members of CARBICA, the Caribbean Branch of the International Council on Archives, presented papers on the theme “Shared Memory”.  They put forward a case for international collaboration among archivists to assist peoples of the Caribbean to access their heritage. This is the contribution of Helena Leonce, Government Archivist of Trinidad and Tobago.


Chinese in Trinidad and Tobago
Genealogy in Trinidad
Shared Memory: Trinidad and Tobago’s East Indian Immigration Records
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