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      Princes Building

The Princes Building

princes buildingThe site earmarked for the Centre for Performing Arts, at the corner of Chancery Lane and the Queen's Park Savannah, was once the location of the Princes Building. This building was erected in 1861, at a cost of $76,800.00 in anticipation of the visit of the Duke of Edinburgh, son of Queen Victoria. At that time there was no place suitable for entertaining such a distinguished visitor. This site, also known as Little Savannah, was selected for the erection of a building to comprise a ball and reception area. The Prince never came due to the death of his father. The "Building' as it was called was used for many purposes, including classrooms for schools, fashionable balls, theatrical performances, civic receptions, bazaars, and offices. It was once also the home of the Revue Calypso Tent, which was led by the late Lord Kitchener (Aldwyn Roberts 1922-2000). The building subsequently fell into a state of disrepair and was eventually destroyed by fire in 1977.


Record of Usage


1870 The Queen's Royal College was inaugurated at the building. The College remained there for thirty four (34) years. On March 29, 1904 they moved to the current building on Maraval Road.
1920  His Royal Majesty Edward, Prince of Wales attended a ball in his honor.
1955  The late Princess Margaret attended a civil welcome in her honor during her visit to Trinidad.
1942-1947  The building housed the Pamphylian High School.
1947 It was the venue for the first Music Festival

Accommodated the offices of the City Council following the destruction of the Town Hall by fire

1961-1971  Headquarters of Ministry of Health
1974 It was the venue for the Revue Calypso Tent in January and February.




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